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Dora 1 with surrounding area forms a unique proportion of volume and void, which enriches the variety of spaces in Trondheim. We offer the void to become a city without it’s total congestion. As far as urban park is a kind of urbanization too we transform this term into “urban field”. Urban field means ordinary plants and inoculums integrated in solid slab of the city.
The site in it’s existing condition creates a barrier between the city and nature. The idea is to increase the site’s potential as a connecting element, by conceiving a linear lane which will link the sea with new public zones.
It also becomes a new public space consisting of intertwined paths for pedestrians and soft-mobility vehicles with green zones system.
The site has parts of two different scales: the small housing area Svartlomonen has already created a unique cultural atmosphere, which will be enforced by a new house situated on Strandveien, 27.The greater scale Dora cultural complex will be supported by new public activities.
Urban field suggests exhibition spots for sculptures and relocatable art platform with using preserved railroad tracks. It can be moved to another place in the city and work as an attractor.
MLA and Kultimathule developments contain spaces for large scale contemporary art, exhibition halls, public spaces like cafes, apartments and studios for artists, rooms for administration and other flexible facilities.
Elements of the project work as parts of a whole thing and also create a special background for themselves: park acts as a background for the Dora 1 building; vice versa Dora becomes a background for public square.

MLA. development accomodates exhibition spaces, apartments and studios for artists.

wings. special feature made for admirig the icecles during the winter time and acting as shed from winds and sun during summer.

forest. installation on public square made of still rods with glowing led stripe lighting up grey cloudy nights.

shed. melting snow on the top of Dora 1/ double-pitch roof which covers exhibition and storage spaces of Kultimathule.

o - scene. amphitheatre for outdoor events.

Strandveien 27 house provides spaces for different activities such as exhibitins, perfomances and drama; storing equipment by affording more than 300 m2 of free space; living or working in 28 unites and studios of different typologies and sizes. Fasad is made of vertical wooden stripes wich create moirt effect, pointing on careful integration in to existing development by dissolving the bigger mass of the house. Vertical shifting articulates the passage leading to the entranses and backyard.



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